Winter Haiku Almanac – South Eastern Australia

In this post I will record some observations from my regular winter walks around the inner western suburbs of Naarm (Melbourne), and trips to rural Victoria.

Also, I will note any dates of particular significance in this part of Australia.

This post is a work in progress and will updated periodically in southern hemisphere winter months (June – August).

For more of my thoughts about the use of kigo (season words) in Australian haiku see the first post of this blog Symbols of Australia in Haiku Poetry, from January 2020.

• 30th of May, Violets in bloom. First weekend of August, hundreds of purple violets.

• Second week of June there were yellow flowers on the Hop Goodenia (Goodenia ovata) at the John Cain Memorial Park in Northcote. The

• Second week of June a Lemon Tree hung with plenty of ripe yellow fruit.

• Second week of June yellow flowers on some kind of brassica weed, probably a Twiggy Turnip (Brassica fruticulosa), but possibly some other kind of mustard, turnip, or canola plant.

• Mid-June a bush with white star-shaped flowers. I thought it might be Potato Weed but after a search of the internet I believe it is actually Whitetip Nightshade (Solanum chenopodioides).

• Mid-June Rosemary with pale purple flowers, not unique to winter as many of these Rosemary plants seem to carry flowers almost year round.

• 21st of June and I can already see new buds starting to form on the Ornamental Pears that are often planted as street trees in Kensington and Flemington.

• 25th of June enjoying a Camp Fire in Boonah.

• The end of June, Winter Honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) blooming at the Botanic Gardens. A native of China.

• 5th of July the Melton Botanic Gardens posts online about Red Hot Pokers being in bloom.

• 12th of July Daphne in bloom in our front yard.

• Second week of July, White Clover in bloom at Fairbairn Park.

Moss growing on the asphalt footpaths around Flemington, throughout the winter.

• 9th of August, Frozen Grass in the morning at Fairbairn Park.

Australian Haiku Keywords Without Seasonal Associations

• Tawny Frogmouth

• Hundred’s of Corellas in the trees at Winchelsea.