Spring Haiku Almanac – South Eastern Australia

In this post I will record some observations from my regular spring walks around the inner western suburbs of Naarm (Melbourne), and trips to rural Victoria.

Also, I will note any dates of particular significance in this part of Australia.

This post is a work in progress and will updated periodically in southern hemisphere Spring months (September – November).

For more of my thoughts about the use of kigo (season words) in Australian haiku see the first post of this blog Symbols of Australia in Haiku Poetry, from January 2020.

• Overnight, or so it seems, on 15th August, the street trees in Coronet Street Flemington (Ornamental Plum Trees?) are full of pink blossoms. By the time Spring formally arrives in September most of the blossoms are blown and only a few cling on here and there.

• First Photinia seen coming into bloom was in Richmond in very late July, but it is really towards the end of August when they are everywhere seen in their full array of deep red, dark green, and cream.

• First Vinca flower (Purple Periwinkle) seen in the last week of July but it was some weeks after that before they were in full bloom.

• 19th August a single Daffodil in out front garden. 25th of August, Daffodil Day.

• Mid-August first couple of Calla Lilies seen, abundant by early September.

• 27th of August Rainbow Lorikeets in a leafless London Plane Tree.

• Large choko-like fruit on a Moth Vine, last day of winter. Note: I also have photo on my phone of the same green fruit on a moth vine from February this year so it may not be a reliable seasonal guide. More observation required.

• The second day of spring, a single Long-headed Poppy flower (Papaver dubium), down a back lane near our house.

• Last week of August, lots of Dandelions, yellow flowers and puff-balls, in Delahay. First week of September Onion Weed (Allium Triquetrum) coming into flower.

• First week of spring, Jonquils and dark purple Irises.

• First week of September Jasmin coming into bloom, and by mid-September lots of it seen around the streets in abundant bloom.

• First week of September, Shepherd’s Purse, with white flowers and heart-shaped seed pods fully formed.

• Early September, Forget-me-nots.

• Early to mid-September, red flowers on some Flowering Gums.

• Mid-September and little, almost fluorescent, light green leaves are starting to show on the old, dark Dutch Elm Trees around Kensington.

• Mid-September and there are some large patches of Hare Barley growing beside the bike paths at Fairbairn Park. The ears look almost fully grown but they are still soft and bright green.

• Mid-September, Sharp Buttercups (Ranunculus muricatus), with distinctive spiked green balls (seed pods?) seen in the nature strip of Smithfield Road.